Labor Categories Description

Loss Prevention Agent

Responsibilities - Responsible for maintaining a secure environment by protecting and securing the personnel, guests, visitors and property of the client. Must possess a minimum of four years security experience. Must demonstrate the maturity necessary to work in a retail environment. Additionally must exhibit excellent interpersonal skills, present a neat appearance, and be able to communicate effectively. In dealings with fellow employees, clients, visitors, callers, and/or members of public, demeanor and attitude should always reflect the epitome of professionalism and cooperation.

Additional Responsibilities: screening employees, guests and visitors on the clients premises; securing and safeguarding the personnel, clients, visitors and property of the client; preventing un cleared persons from entering unauthorized areas; preparing hourly item check reports; maintaining security at clients facility by properly working his or her assigned post; working with minimal supervision; preparing complete item check logs, duty logs, incident reports and other reports as required; working on both stationary and roving patrols and rendering security assistance as required.

Training/Education Required - high school diploma or GED plus completion of a certified security-training program or local state or federal law enforcement-training academy, plus completion of customer service training course; CPR and First Aid certification through American Red Cross. Must successfully pass a psychological aptitude test every two years after hire.

Years and Type of Experience required - 21 years of age; 4 years of continuous security work experience that demonstrates reliability, dependability, and attention to detail, customer service skills, and good work ethic.

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