Labor Categories Description

Security Police Officer

Functional Responsibilities - A Security Police Officer is vested with authority to stop, detain, and arrest any persons committing a security or criminal violation on clients property. His or her mission is to secure, protect, and defend the clients personnel and property. He or she must be of sound character and possess good judgment.

Duties include: controlling access and egress; patrolling perimeter; monitoring alarm; fire and safety equipment; responding to emergency situations; being proficient in First Aid and CPR; writing clear and concise reports; and investigating security violations or incidents.

Training/Education Required - 2-year college degree plus certification of graduation from a local, state or federal law enforcement academy. He or she must pass a government background investigation, successfully complete specialized law enforcement training, and be proficient with use of firearms.

Years and Type of Experience Required - 5 years local, state or federal law enforcement experience to include military police.

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