Labor Categories Description

Executive Protection Specialist

Responsibilities - responsible for protecting life and ensuring the safety of the person or persons he or she is assigned to protect. Must be physically fit; be of sound judgment and good character. Must pass a background investigation and qualify annually with firearms. Additionally, he or she must be certified in CPR and First Aid. Also, must demonstrate a clear understanding of protective formations and be experienced in conducting advance work, as well be accustomed to long stay away from home. Must be prepared to work long hours in a variety of settings and situations, including providing escorts; working security posts; developing security plans; developing contingency plans; working with law enforcement; driving escort vehicles; and conducting security and threat assessments.

Training/Education Required - Associates Degree plus certification of executive protection training either from government, military or state-certified Executive Protection Training Academy. College requirements may be waived with 5 years executive protection experience plus 7 years of law enforcement or military training.

Years and Type of Experience required - 3 years of executive protection experience; 5 years of law enforcement, military or security experience.

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