Labor Categories Description

K-9 Specialist

Responsibilities - Inspecting all incoming mail, packages and other deliveries being made to the facility a mobile patrol officer with explosive detection canine, inspecting any suspicious packages found within the facility, and inspecting facilities/buildings and/or vehicles as required in a bomb threat, evacuation drill exercise, and or apparent or potential explosive event. K-9 Specialists will also be responsible for developing and maintaining work schedules, training schedules, and all license, certification, and/or credential requirements for canines.

Training/Education Required - 3 years experience in a combination of customer service, security and/or law enforcement, completion of an appropriate Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Handlers Course with canine trained to the Department of Treasury Odor Recognition Proficiency Standard for Explosives Detection Canines.

Years and Type of Experience Required - A minimum of two years of successful work experience in physical security and have a minimum of two years experience as a canine handler.

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